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Portraits and Headshots

With my portraits, I aim to tell the stories of Atlanta’s most vibrant souls: its artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, small business owners, actors/actresses, etc.  I capture personalities in portraits and use this medium to highlight your uniqueness and to embrace the unconventional.  When we work together I come up with ideas for locations, and help you in deciding on what looks will work best for the goal you want to achieve with your photos.  A yoga instructor may want immerse themselves in nature, showcasing the calm connectedness one feels with the natural world when they are in touch with their own body, while a real estate agent may prefer to find unique architecture to surround themselves with, demonstrating their keen eye for such things.  Not everyone is a model, so while we shoot, I will direct you and keep things moving at a pace that never feels stagnant, allowing you to forget about that damn camera in your face and to be yourself.  I offer short, 30 minute mini-sessions for those looking for a handful of good photos, such as senior photos for a high schooler;  and longer sessions for those wanting to try out multiple looks and locations, say for a business owner that needs lots of content for social media.  Follow the link below to tell your story.

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