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Hey everyone and thanks for checking out my site.  Let’s see if I can put the comedic self-deprecation I’m so fond of aside for a few moments and tell you a little bit about myself without being insulting.  I was born and raised in Atlanta, and currently reside in EAV with my girlfriend Sarah, pitbull Mickey, and my cats Chedward and Navi.  I’m a drummer and music aficionado, outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, avid-reader, film fanatic, stand-up comedy junkie, and of course a photographer.  I don’t have one specific niche in my work, but that’s because I feel that mastering different types of photography only strengthens the projects I take on.  My love for dramatic landscape photography aids me in creating epic band photos that look as grandiose as the band sounds.  My experience with real estate and interior design photography taught me to find spaces that reflect the subject’s personality in my portraits.  Street photography forced me to stop posing people and to instead focus on capturing life’s most authentic moments - the candid ones.  Taking what I’ve learned from capturing folks in these “in between moments” and applying it to family, couples, and wedding photography yielded amazing results that feel both real and natural.  My goal in a photo shoot is to get you forget you’re even being photographed and then to capture those moments that you’re lost in. Let's get lost. 

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