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Music Photography 

Live Performances. Album Art.  Promotional Photos. 

Alright here’s the deal - I’m here to help separate your band from all the fucking amateurs.  If writing some good songs was all it took to have a successful band, a whole lot more of us would be touring nonstop instead of working bartending and construction jobs most of the year.  Successful bands have more than just good songs - They have hard hitting recordings, creative artwork for their records, unique merch, and of course, photos that make them look as good as they sound.  After spending fifteen years playing in bands, along with managing one of Atlanta’s most popular underground music venues for nearly a decade, I know exactly how to translate your band's sound into a visual ballad that the viewer can practically hear when they look at it.  My concert photography will capture the energy and intensity of your performances while my posed band photography will bring out the essence of what your band is all about.  When you hire me, I work with you to come up with ideas that fit your bands sound and style so when it comes time to send out press packages, get that magazine write up, release a record, go on a tour, promote a show, or put out a new single,  you actually have something that makes your band look not only badass, but dare I say…..professional.  Use the Contact Page to reach out and discuss what I can do for your band. 

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