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Couples & Families 

Ok Iet’s be real: most of us have a loved one that couldn’t be less interested in doing a photo shoot.  But I’ve got good news: family, couples, and engagement sessions are actually a lot of fun with me.  Yes, even for the kids or the grumpy Dad that has no desire to be in front of the camera.  I do things quickly, without rushing, and keep everyone moving with engaging prompts that make the sessions fly by.  Unlike any photographer I encountered while growing up, I realize that the dynamic of a session needs to change for families with teenagers vs. families with toddlers.  I do my best to steer clear of anything too corny with teens and know how to keep toddlers engaged while avoiding temper tantrums.  I’m an extreme animal lover and would love for your furry friend to be a part of our session.  I’ve yet to encounter a dog that I couldn’t a get to comply for enough time to get a good photo, so bring your little psycho along!  For engagement sessions, I’m less about getting you to put your foreheads together in a field and more about capturing the real version of you and your relationship, with all of its loving goofiness.  I offer 15 minute mini-sessions that are great for holiday cards, and longer sessions more geared towards engagement sessions where we may go to a few of your favorite spots for photos.  Contact me if you have any questions and follow the link below to book your session. 

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